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"Education must touch the head, heart and hand" (after Pestalozzi)


Graffiti art still has a reputation for the forbidden and secret, which is why it is particularly attractive to children and young people. However, graffiti can also be used to achieve numerous positive effects. Legal graffiti offers are an ideal opportunity to design your own immediate area, to develop creatively and to experience self-efficacy.

In my art and graffiti workshops, in addition to imparting technical and conceptual basics, I attach great importance to the fact that the participants can express themselves and visualize their own ideas. With 20 years of experience in graffiti and my graduation as a teacher, I arrange art with the spray can and other techniques in learning settings that offer creative openness, fun and action-oriented experience. The workshops are scientifically based, tried and tested in various contexts, are continuously developed and adapted to the respective needs of the learning group.




Suitable for beginners and for all ages

From the draft to the mural

○ Development of graffiti-typical typography

○ Use of stylistic devices

○ Techniques with the spray can

○ Spraying a graffiti on the wall

○ optional: painting of smaller objects or painting grounds

Are you interested in a workshop?

Graffiti workshops are available from around 12 years of age for all age groups. Inquire for a non-binding offer using the following contact form.

Do you just want to take a look?

Then the Sunday Spray is ideal. This workshop introduces the basics of style writing and spray canning and always takes place on the first Sunday of the month.

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